Monahans Texas

Did you know that a white sand national park is only 5 hours away from the DFW area?!

Well if you didn't know now you know!

You may be wondering well why dose it matter? It matters because if you want to get a different look with your anniversary photos, or maternity photos even have your elopement or engagement there, you can come here take a day out and come back the next day without spending a whole lot more money & travel to the New Mexico white sands, for the same look / feel!

Plus there's more to do than take pictures, you can go slide down the sand dunes and also see this breathtaking view that this beautiful Sandhills State park has to show!

Here is a little guide + tips that I HIGHLY recommend, after my personal experiences.

I hope this little guide + tips help you with your plans on going to Monahans!

Enjoy your trip & remember I do offer this as a location if you want to go! Just fill out my contact form and let me know you want to do a shoot here and we will begin the planning!

Scan QR code for a direct link to the Monahans Sandhills State Park website

Here are some pictures i've taken.

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